Gypsi in the city

Hello lovelies ! I’m so exited to share this look with you ! Ok first thing first, I don’t have a flat belly at all so I’m not the kind of girl who wear crop top that often, even if I like it. I’m not very confident with that part of my body. But I […]

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The title say it all ; this is my absolutely perfect comfy outfit. Big cosy sweater, a pair of jeans and boots. I love the design of this sweater, colors are just perfect together, and the red  touch add touch peps on the entire look. I like to take my sweater one size bigger than […]

Lace-up denim

This jeans is BOMB ! It’s exactly what I thought the first time I saw it, right before it comes to my shopping basket. The lace details is everything, I always have compliments when I wear it. The quality is amazing, not the kind of thing that gets destroy after the first wash. And, it […]

Fluffy coat

When it gets cold, my only wish is to be cosy. Warm before style you know … But when we can be stylish and warmly bundle up, it’s a BIG YES! It’s the case with this little treasure, that I call my ‘Yeti skin’. But let’s be clear, you still need to put a big sweater […]